The Experiment Begins


This is the very beginning of a web blog intended to allow us to realise a germ of an idea.  We hope to build this into a learning and research centre where we will explore the basics of scientific and technological creations, and document the practical process of reproducing said creations.

Some examples of what may appear:

  • How to make an Incandescent Light Bulb from scratch – refining metal to create wire, mixing and blowing glass bulbs, generating electricity, and sticking it all together.
  • Where clay comes from, how to work with it and why ceramics are so useful.
  • Combustion Engines – what led to their invention, what went right and how it may have been done better.

One day we hope to establish a holiday camp, research lab, workshop or something like that, where people can come and share, and where interesting knowledge can be collected and distributed.  Or something like that 🙂

Anyhow, lets see what happens!


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